For 4 people you need

approximately 3 lb. bird Stuffing, little fat OR butter

To prepare for roasting

Weigh chicken AFTER stuffing, as cooking time depends on total weight Spread with fat or butter, especiallv on breast. rease foil well. Allow 1 5 minutes cooking time per and 1 5 minutes over. If using covered roasting tin or foil allow extra 20 minutes cooking tim or 25°F higher temperature or one mark higher on a gas cooker. After about 45 minutes reduce heat moderately hot. To brown chicken, remove lid of covered roaster or open foil approximately 30 minutes before end of the cooking time.

To Serve

With Stuffing, and Bread sauce

Heat 1 pint milk or 1 oz. powdered milk mixed with 1 pint water), add 1 onion stuck with 2-3 cloves, 2 oz. breadcrumbs, 1-2 oz. butter or margarine, seasoning. Heat gently, remove onion before serving. Serve also Thickened gravy . Sausages and bacon rolls can be added during cooking. Oven temperature: hot.425-450F- Gas Mark 6-7, then moderately hot, 400°F-Gas Mark5-6 Oven position : above centre