Stuffed roast duck with orange

For four people you need

1 plump duck,
about 4 1/2 lb. (after trussing)
OR 2 smaller ducks

Sage and onion stuffing :

2 large peeled onions
1/2 pint water;
1 oz. suet or butter
2 oz. breadcrumbs
1 egg, optional
1 teaspoon powdered sage

  • Weigh the duck for cooking time depends on this include weight of stuffing unless cooking separately.
  • Allow 15 minutes cooking time per lb.
    and 15 minutes over, in oven above centre.
  • After the duck has been cooking for 30 minutes, prick the skin gently with a fine skewer
    to allow surplus fat to run out do not push skewer in too far or fat runs into flesh.
  • Dish up and garnish with rings of orange and dessert apple as shown in picture,
    which can be heated for a few minutes.

Oven temperature: hot, 425-450°F-Gas Mark 6-7

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