Patisserie and viennoiserie are products mainly found in France. However, they are also available in multiple outlets in other states that appreciate French delicacies. An example is the wink store, which is one of french stores nyc

Upon buying patisserie or viennoiserie perhaps at the wink boutique, you can eat it as a snack, serving as a perfect accompaniment for tea or coffee. You would be forgiven for failing to understand the difference between the two. This is owed to the fact that patisserie and viennoiserie are quite similar and therefore, making a distinction can be difficult. 

Even though there is a lot of similarity between the two, talking about each of them independently and in-depth will go a long way in bringing out the variation. We will cover the definition of the patisserie and viennoiserie, the ingredients that constitute them, and some examples of both, for better understanding.

What is Patisserie?

All kinds of French pastries are generally referred to as patisserie. Consequently, the patisserie is a comprehensive term that covers an assortment of baked products. These products have flour, milk, butter, eggs, sugar, and leavening as the main ingredients. However, this does not imply that all the listed components must be used in baking every pastry.

The difference in the ingredients used is one of the factors that make each pastry unique. The particular components utilized also influence the taste and texture of the pastry. Preparation of the pastry dough can be done in up to ten varying ways, all leading to very distinct outcomes upon completion of the baking process.

The techniques applied in the preparation of patisserie are relatively complicated. On account of this, a flawless implementation requires proper training and high proficiency. This is the reason why pastry chefs are regarded as greatly talented individuals. They have the ability to skillfully implement refined methods to create impeccable products. 

What is Some Popular Patisserie?

Below are some of the French pastries commonly available in outlets such as the wink boutique:


A crepe is a very slender kind of pancake. There are two different types of French crepes. One is savory while the other one is sweet. The main ingredients are flour, salt, and either milk or water.


An éclair is a French pastry that is mainly constituted of flour, butter, eggs, and water. An éclair’s dough is packed with some amount of cream and later on, the pastry is coated with a chocolate frosting.


Macarons are also known as French Macaroons. A macaron is a confiture that is based on candy and is therefore very sweet. Macarons are comprised of sugar, food coloring, icing sugar, and eggs, specifically the egg white.

4. Financiers

A financier is a small rectangular French pastry that contains sugar, egg white, and flour as the main ingredients. It has almond seasoning and is small, light, and crispy.


This French pastry is molded into a short cylindrical shape and contains vanilla and rum savor. Its crust is dark-colored, broad, and has a caramel taste. Even so, its center is very soft.

What is Viennoiserie?

The origin of viennoiserie is Austria even though the product has gained so much popularity elsewhere. Viennoiserie is now quite popular at stores in France and some other places such as the wink store that is under French stores nyc.

A viennoiserie is a product that falls between pastry and bread. It, therefore, bears some common elements with both bread and pastry. It is made of raised and fermented dough or swollen pastry. The interior is quite tender and with several slender layers while the exterior is thin and crispy.

Compared to pastry, they have less and sugar. When compared to bread, they have more fat and sugar. As a result, viennoiserie can be regarded as a blend between the two when it comes to taste, texture, and constituents.

What is Some Popular Viennoiserie?

1. Croissants

The name comes from the crescent shape. It is prepared from dough that is yeast-fermented yeast. A croissant easily fragments into flakes and is quite buttery.

2. Brioche

Brioche is a tender viennoiserie that is mainly constituted of butter, eggs, and flour. It is puffed and has a golden-brown exterior.

3. Palmier

The shape of this viennoiserie resembles a palm leaf. The main ingredients of a palmier are butter, flour, and sugar.

4. Chausson aux Pommes

A Chausson aux pomme is a viennoiserie that contains different kinds of apples as the main ingredient, aside from flour and butter. Therefore, it is quite healthy for consumption.

With a lengthy explanation of both the patisserie and viennoiserie and examples under each, we can now tell the difference clearly.