For 4-5 portions you need

For the suet flaky pastry

8 oz. plain flour pinch salt 3 oz. shredded suet 1 tablespoon lemon juice water to mix 3 oz. butter, slightly softened


1-11/2 lb. apricots sugar to taste little water

Sieve the flour and salt. Add shredded suet and mix to a soft dough with lemon juice and water. Roll out to an oblong. Divide butter into two. Put first portion of butter in small pieces over 2/3 rds of the pastry. Lift bottom up to centre and pull down top like an envelope flap. Seal edges, Roll out to oblong again, repeat with second amount of butter. Fold, seal edges, etc. Keep pastry in cold place for at least 1 hour. Place fruit in pie dish with sugar and water. Roll out pastry to cover dish Bake at higher temperature for 15 minutes to set pastry, then lower heat for further 20-25 minutes. Oven temperature: 450-475°F -Gas Mark 7-8. then 375°F.-Gas Mark 4-5 Oven position: centre