Fish doria

For 4 people you need

  4 oz. rice
4 large or 8 small fillets plaice or sole
4 oz. prawns
1 oz. butter
1 tablespoon milk

To garnish

  small piece cucumber
paprika pepper

Prawn cream sauce

1 oz. butter
1 oz. flour
1/2pint milk
2 tablespoons cream
a few chopped prawns.

  • Put rice on to cook in boiling salted water, drain when soft.
  • Lay fillets flat, season lightly.
  • Divide the prawns between each fillet and fold into two or three.
  • Place into the dish with the butter, and milk, Bake until tender.
  • While fish and rice are cooking
    poach the sliced cucumber in boiling salted water for 10 mins.
  • Make a white sauce with the butter, flour and milk,
    season lightly, then add the cream and prawns.

Oven temperature: moderate, 375°F.-Gas Mark 4-5
Oven position: centre.

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