For 4-5 people you need

1 pint milk 2 oz. semolina 1 oz. powder gelatine 3 tablespoons water 2 eggs 4 oz. sugar good 8 oz. ripe strawberries or well drained canned or frozen strawberries 2-4 tablespoons whipped cream

To decorate

whole strawberries

  • Put the milk into saucepan, add the semolina, stir well all the time.
  • Simmer gently for 3 minutes, continue to stir to prevent lumps forming.
  • Dissolve the gelatine in the water,
  • Add to hot semolina and stir well.
  • Remove from heat, whisk in egg yolks and sugar, allow to cool.
  • Rub strawberries through a sieve, stir into cool semolina mixture, then leave mixture until it begins to stiffen.
  • Fold in cream and stiffly beaten egg whites, then put into glasses and top with the whole fruit.

TO SERVE: As cold as possible.