For 10-12 people you need

1 lb. blackcurrants 3 oz. sugar 1 1/2 lb. apples 3 tablespoons water 2 oz. sugar juice 1/2 lemon few drops green colouring 1 pint milk 1 1/2 oz. custard powder 2 oz. sugar 1/2 oz. powder gelatine 4 tablespoons water 1/2 pint whipped cream or evaporated milk 24 lady (Savoy) fingers little milk

To decorate

1/4-1/2 pint whipped cream or evaporated milk few of the cooked black-currants

  1. Cook the blackcurrants with sugar but no water until just tender, remove a few, but cook rest until pulp.
  2. Cook peeled sliced apples with the water, sugar and lemon juice until a smooth pulp, colour if wished.
  3. Blend a little cold milk with custard powder, bring the rest of milk to boil, pour over custard and return to pan to thicken with the sugar.
  4. Dissolve the powder gelatine in the water,and add to the hot custard, cool, fold in cream.
  5. Stir half the custard into the apple puree and half into the blackcurrant.
  6. Allow the purees to cool and stiffen
  7. Dip the lady fingers into little milk and arrange round the side of the tin.
  8. Spoon half the apple mixture in this, then half the blackcurrant, then apple, then blackcurrant.
  9. Leave until set, turn out. Decorate with blackcurrants and cream