For 10-12 people you need

10-12 lb. turkey, fat or butter stuffing of your choice

 Cranberry sauce

 8-12 oz. cranberries 1/4 pint water; 2-3 oz. sugar 1/2-1 oz. butter

To garnish

bacon rolls; sausages green and red peppers

  • Weigh turkey after stuffing as cooking time depends on total weight.
  • Spread with fat or butter, specially on breast - grease foil well.
  • Allow 15 minutes cooking time per lb and 15 minutes over, up to 12 lb. After this weight add extra 12 minute; cooking time for each additional lb.
  • After 45 minutes reduce the heat to moderately hot, 400°F - Gas Mark 5-6.
  • Cranberry sauce: Simmer fruit with water and sugar until tender, mash or sieve and add the butter. Add little port wine or extra sugar and water for less 'biting' sauce
  • Halve rashers, roll, put on skewers, put in roasting tin with sausages towards end of the cooking time.

Oven temperature: hot, 425-450°F-Gas Mark 6-7 Oven position: centre