For 4 people you need

approx. 1 lb. prepared fruit sugar to taste little water with firm fruit

For the crumble

2 oz. margarine or butter 4 oz. flour, plain or self-raising 3-4 oz. sugar

  • Prepare the fruit, slicing apples, dicing rhubarb, halving and stoning plums and washing soft fruits.
  • With firm fruits, simmer until nearly tender with sugar to taste and a little water-the mixture must be fairly firm. With soft fruits, there is no need to pre-cook or soften.
  • Put the fruit into the dish.
  • Rub margarine or butter into flour, add sugar, sprinkle over the top of the fruit, press down firmly.
  • Bake until crisp and golden brown.

Oven temperature. moderate 350-375°F.. Gas Mark 4-5

Oven position : centre or just above centre