Joints to choose for roasting

Loin lamb Shoulder lamb (you can buy half-shoulder) Leg lamb or (you can buy halfleg) Saddle (double loin)

To prepare for roasting

Wash or wipe and dry, season lightly, add very little fat over lean part of meat

  • Weigh the meat
  • Allow 20 minutes cooking time per lb. and 20 minutes over.
  • If using covered roasting tin or foil allow extra 20 minutes cooking time or 25° higher temperature or one mark higher on a gas cooker.
  • After about 45 minutes the heat can be reduced to moderately hot, 400°F. -Gas Mark 5-6.

TO SERVE: With moderately thick gravy, mint sauce: chop fresh mint finely, mix with vinegar and sugar to taste.

Oven temperature: hot, 425-450°F.-Gas Mark 6-7 Oven position: above centre