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Whats in a cooking e book

What's in a cooking e-book?

Cooking e-books are often the result of days and days of work with a pinch of love and perseverance! A cooking e-book is a collection of original and authentic recipes that have been made in home and/or restaurant kitchens of and served to the family and/or customers.

The writers are usually professionals who choose to unveil their culinary universe and entrust the readers with their cuisine version, resulting in colourful, light and tasty dishes for the family to enjoy!

Cooking e-books types

How it works

How it works

These books are entirely interactive and usually work like this: click on a dish and it takes you to its recipe, click on the icons and discover tips, click on a culinary term and its definition appears!

Healthy cooking

Healthy cooking

More and more people are limiting meat, fish, eggs, milk and so on in their diet. You can discover hundreds of healty recipes that you can easily cook in such books.

Dessert Recipes

Dessert Recipes

Discover hundreds of recipes of delicious desserts, easy to prepare and that will delight the whole family, all recipes are usually illustrated by pictures. Enjoy your meal!

Student recipes

Student recipes

A lot of work, a small budget, a very tiny apartment and the end of the month is still far away? You will definitely need to cook some small meals. Find some simple, delicious, low-cost and very nice ideas.

What's special about a cooking e-book?

A cooking e-book is usually entirely tactile and interactive: click on a plate and it takes you to its recipe, click on the icons and discover tips, click on a culinary term and its definition appears! Not to mention that in each chapter, you will discover the technical data sheet of the flagship product and that in each recipe a visual of the dressing is available with a detailed explanation of the ingredients! The landscape format of the book allows you to easily put your shelf on your work surface to leave your hands free to cook!


Creative soups


Creative salads


Creative smoothies


Healthy dishes


Quick and delicious desserts

Why you need a cooking e-book

We understand the attachment we have to classic cookbooks. However, we highly recommend cooking ebooks, and here is why!

  • Because it allows you to browse them wherever you are, whenever you want, as long as you have your phone on you.
  • While shopping, if you’re looking for inspiration, just open the ebook and look for a recipe, there’s your shopping list right there.
  • Your device requires less space than a book in the kitchen.
  • Then, the electronic format will never get damaged.
Why you need a cooking e book