Cooking e-books

Cooking e-books are often the result of days and days of work with a pinch of love and perseverance! A cooking e-book is a collection of original and authentic recipes that have been made in home and/or restaurant kitchens of and served to the family and/or customers.

The writers are usually professionals who choose to unveil their culinary universe and entrust the readers with their cuisine version, resulting in colourful, light and tasty dishes for the family to enjoy!

We understand the attachment we have to classic cookbooks. However, we highly recommend cooking ebooks, and here is why!

  • Because it allows you to browse them wherever you are, whenever you want, as long as you have your phone on you.
  • While shopping, if you’re looking for inspiration, just open the ebook and look for a recipe, there’s your shopping list right there.
  • Your device requires less space than a book in the kitchen.
  • Then, the electronic format will never get damaged.

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